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50 Percent of Smokers in Yogyakarta are Under 19 Years Old

50 Percent of Smokers in Yogyakarta are Under 19 Years Old (treatment)

YOGYAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Renaldo, one of the warriors at the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) Yogyakarta, said the number of underage smokers in Yogyakarta have increased significantly from 7.14% in 2010 to approximately 11% in 2013.

"It is very worrying. Smokers under the age of 19 years make up 50 percent of the total smokers in Yogyakarta, according to a health research and survey result in 2013 data of 21.2%," said Renaldo, as reported in a report received from the Public Relations division of the Lentera Anak Indonesia Foundation , on Sunday (28/10/2017).

To be known, welcome Youth Pledge Day 2017, dozens of young people who led the warrior FCTC Yogyakarta declared Spirit 1 Indonesia # Jogja Berani in Ledok Macanan village, Yogyakarta (27/10/2017). The city of Yogyakarta became the sixth city to be visited by Wayang FCTC in the series of "FCTC 365 Hari Warrior Adventures in 25 Cities".

Renaldo said the theme of Jogja Brave is based on youth commitment, to support the DIY government to reduce the number of child smokers in Yogyakarta.

Another FCTC Warrior Yogyakarta, Agista, explains the choice of holding an action in Ledok Macanan village because the number of child smokers here is huge. In addition, the position of Kampung Ledok Macanan located in the middle of Yogyakarta city made him surrounded by billboards of cigarette advertisements.

"This is very worrying, because the children in this village are exposed to continuous cigarette advertisement, and this has the potential to encourage children to try smoking," said the activist of Yogyakarta Children Forum.

Therefore, Yogyakarta warriors invited children and youths of the villagers of Ledok Macanan to understand the importance of the dangers of smoking and exposure of cigarette advertisements through the FCTC puppet show and discussions held in the open hall of Ledok Macanan village.

Renaldo explained, the commitment to not smoking in this home aims to reduce child smokers. "This is based on the Muhammadiyah Tobacco Control Center's research on the mapping of novice smoker profiles under the age of 10, which found the greatest influence that makes young smokers smoke is family," Renaldo said.