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Is Your Sexual Drive Weakening? You May Be Lacking this Mineral

Is Your Sexual Drive Weakening? You May Be Lacking this Mineral (pexels)

JAKARTA, NNC - Do you feel less passionate about having sex lately? It could be the cause for your weakened sex drive as of late is attributed to the lack of zinc.

However, don’t panic. There is one thing that men can consume to get plenty of zinc, which is from red meat.

Research shows that zinc deficiency is a contributing factor to decreased sexual drive and fertility. Zinc helps the body maintain healthy levels of the male sexual hormone, testosterone.

Testosterone is responsible for male sexual characteristics-from the hair on the chest and face, the size of the penis and testicles, and the ability of men in bed. So if the minerals that help keep the testosterone levels disappear, then there will be side effects such as the decline in the ability of having sex.

The best source of zinc is from red meat. Emma Derbshire, nutrition researcher says it is important for men to consume zinc to maintain normal testosterone levels.” Without it, both sexual arousal and fertility can have serious problems,” she said

Emma added that red meat is the best source of zinc that can increase testosterone levels.

Men with zinc deficiency will feel more tired than usual, less sense and sensitivity and olfactory, and weaker immune system. Zinc deficiency also causes the sperm to swim more slowly-resulting in infertility.

Zinc is essential in the production and movement of sperm in order to reach and fertilize eggs. If the sperm’s ability to swim is hampered, it may cause difficulties for men to impregnate his partner.

So how many zinc do men need? Men need to consume at least 9.5 mg of zinc per day. About 100 grams of beef contains about 12.3 mg of zinc - so you easily get the recommended amount in just one meal.

And 100 grams of lamb meat contains about 4.67 mg of zinc, then you do not need much to eat to achieve daily needs.

Zinc deficiency can also cause other problems such as poor skin, hair and nails, poor blood circulation, poor bone growth, and problems with blood sugar.