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On Why Drinking White Tea is Very Good for Your Health

On Why Drinking White Tea is Very Good for Your Health (livestrong)

JAKARTA, NNC - Did you know that white tea is derived from the same plant as green tea, but has more benefits and nutrients than the latter? White tea, available in four types namely Ceylon, African, Darjeeling and Assam, are very rare and expensive.

Keep on reading below to see why white tea is good for your health, as reported by The Indian Express:

White tea contains antioxidants which help in lowering cholesterol and improving cardiovascular health. It also reduces the risk of cancer and arthritis, and treats skin conditions such as dandruff, psoriasis and eczema.

White tea prevents collagen and elastin damage that helps repair damaged hair cells, and in turn, strengthens hair follicles. Drinking white tea regularly improves blood circulation and promotes hair growth.

As an antioxidant, white tea offers cell protection from oxidative stress and protects the fetus. However, because of the caffeine content, although less than most other teas, it is advisable to consult a doctor before consuming white tea when you are pregnant.

Drinking white tea twice a day reduces indigestion and provides relief from stomach cramps, nausea and stomach acidity. This is a good way to naturally detoxify the body.

White tea helps to overcome acne, wrinkles and dark spots and helps the skin maintain its firmness. Its antiseptic properties help protect the skin from cell damage. It also reduces dark circles and under eye bags.

Due to the rich antioxidants in white tea, this tea is good for the liver. It detoxifies the body from toxic substances.

Catechins found in white tea help in improving memory and slowing memory loss associated with age as well. Regular white tea consumption helps improve the health of the cerebral cortex.

Fluroid, tannin and flavonoids found in white tea help in the prevention of bacteria and cavities. It also prevents teeth from discoloration.

Obesity is a very common problem among young people today, therefore the consumption of white tea is beneficial to losing weight. It helps in burning fatty cells, and also prevents the formation of new fatty cells.