Friday, 30 October 2020 | 20:15 WIB

This Beauty of Being Vegan

Being a vegetarian provides many health benefits.

JAKARTA, NNC - Indonesia Vegetarian Society (IVS) holds a seven-day challenge for people to adopt a vegan lifestyle and diet of only consuming plant-based food.

IVS General Secretary Susianto Tseng challenged the public to live vegan in the 7 Days Days Challenging event this week with rewards.

"With IVS’ 7 Days Challenging we try to get as many people as possible to share the benefits of being vegan, even in just seven days."

Susianto, who is also Chairman of the International Tempe Foundation and a Universitas Indonesia nutritionist doctoral alumni, said IVS provides attractive prizes for those who successfully complete the challenge.

"By being vegan for seven days, we can get a reward in the form of a real contribution to the handling of malnutrition that is being experienced by Indonesian children," said Susianto, Thursday (3/8/2018)

For the first 100 participants, IVS and VSI Charity will donate IDR50,000 to one malnourished child. "We know that according to UNICEF data, three million Indonesian children suffer from malnutrition, poverty causes them to eat less and become malnourished. We can help them with IVS 7 Days Vegan Challenge," said Susianto.

Susianto said with a seven-day vegan diet a person will save 28,000 liters of water, 140 kg of grain, 63 kg carbon footprint, 20 m2 of forest, and seven animals’ lives. "The 2018 Indonesian Vegan Festival Challenge Period Edition is divided between March 23-29, 2018 and April 7-13, 2018," he said.