Thursday, 16 July 2020 | 01:08 WIB

Physical Activity and Exercise are Good for Lowering Blood Sugar Level

Physical Activity and Exercise are Good for Lowering Blood Sugar Level (ageonicsmedical)

JAKARTA, NNC - Half of the treatment for diabetics in overcoming high blood sugar levels is by doing physical activities or exercising regularly, says endocrine metabolism and diabetes expert Dr. Em Yunir SpPD-KEMD.

"Some of the process of decreasing in blood sugar can only be achieved only through exercise," Yunir said at the Ministry of Health office in Jakarta, on Friday (04/13).

He explained that metabolic diseases such as diabetes were caused by impaired insulin, a process called insulin resistance.

Yunir said the findings on insulin resistance occurred during the modern era where people rarely do physical activities. "In ancient times, people had to physically hunt for food," he said.

Insulin resistance is caused by fat deposits in the abdomen or waist. If insulin resistance rises, it will trigger blood sugar levels to increase.

Yunir stressed that exercise alone is not enough to improve blood sugar levels among diabetics, as they still need to take medication.

However, the dosage of a given medication may drop to more than 50 percent of what it should be if the person is exercising regularly.

"Exercising lowers the risk of heart disease is reduced, helps in losing weight, and improves blood sugar levels," Yunir added, as quoted by Antara.

Data from the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) in 2017 shows that Indonesia is the sixth country with the largest diabetics in the world, with 10.3 million people.

In addition, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that diabetes patients in Indonesia could increase to 21.3 million by 2030 if diabetes is not handled properly.