Wednesday, 21 October 2020 | 12:11 WIB

Celery Root Can Help Treat Gout

Celery Root Can Help Treat Gout (youtube)

JAKARTA, NNC - Gout is usually associated with older people who often experience pain in the joints. But make no mistake, because gout can also affect younger people.

Usually, gout is torturous and often recurs when it is cold or raining. Now, there is a simple way that is believed to overcome gout, namely using celery root. What are the benefits?

According to herbalist dr. Erna Cipta Fahmi, if a person suffers from gout that is not too acute, self-healing can be conducted by consuming a natural herb from celery that has no side effects.

Celery is a plant that is known to have many health benefits.

Celery leaves can help treat high blood pressure. In addition, celery seeds can be used as a bronchitis ailment, and overcome problems in the liver or spleen, seizures (antispasmodic), lowering blood uric acid levels, anti rheumatism and sedation.

The root of celery, besides useful for treating gout, can also stimulate digestive enzymes and urine diuretic (diuretic).

dr. Erna also explained that celery root contains asparagine which is believed to have long been used as a food ingredient because of its delicious taste.

She also suggested when gout in the acute stage, the patient can treat gout with herbal medicine that is now widely available and easily available in herbal health clinics.

Consuming a traditional ingredient of celery root can also be used as a trusted alternative to treat gout. All you need to make this home remedy is by using celery root brewed with hot water. The celery root brew should be taken daily for 2 to 3 months.

The concoction is made from a tablespoon of celery root that has been washed and then brewed with a glass of hot water. Then closed tightly until the celery root extracts come out and the water temperature becomes normal. This celery root water can be used for two drinks in the morning and evening.

Celery root brew recipe


1 celery root

300 ml of water


1. Wash the celery root, then put it in a glass

2. Pour hot water into a glass of celery root. Cover the glass, and let it cool

3. Drink ingredients celery root twice daily in the morning and evening for 2 to 3 months (For 1 cup)