Wednesday, 27 January 2021 | 07:54 WIB

Vitamin D Can Prevent Breast Cancer


SAN DIEGO, NNC - Women with high vitamin D levels are less likely to develop breast cancer, new research suggests.

Those with a vitamin D level of 60 ng/ml are the fifth less likely to have breast cancer, compared to those with only 20 ng/ml vitamin D levels, which is the recommended amount, a study found.

"Increasing blood vitamin D levels substantially above 20ng/ml seems important for the prevention of breast cancer. Previous studies have shown that sunlight supplements reduce inflammation and boost the human immune system, both of which help prevent cancer," said study author of GrassrootsHealth, San Diego, California, Sharon McDonnell, quoted by Daily Mail, Wednesday (6/20/2018).

The researchers, who also include scientists from the University of California, analyzed three studies with a total of 5,038 female participants over the age of 55. The women, who did not have cancer at the start of the study, were followed for about four years.Their vitamin D levels were also assessed during the study visit.

The researchers, whose findings are published in the journal PLOS ONE, claim further research is needed to analyzes the effects of vitamin D on breast cancer in pre-menopausal women.