Monday, 06 April 2020 | 05:41 WIB

Treat and Remove Acne Scars using Madeira VIne

Treat and Remove Acne Scars using Madeira VIne (flickr)

JAKARTA, NNC - A person's looks may be negatively affected by acne scars on the face. If acne scars are usually be removed using cream or a mask, why not try a natural material called Madeira vines which is known as a natural ingredient  in addressing acne scars, which is a popular lately as a natural ingredient of acne scar remover? With Madeira vines, acne scars that had blackened can be seen brighter and the skin becomes smoother.

According to dr. Zulvia Sharif, beauty consultant and herbalist, Madeira vines containing antimicrobial, antioxidant, ascorbic acid and Vitamin C, so it can repair damage to the skin such as acne scars. In addition, the content of antimicrobial is highly reactive to some germs that cause infection, while ascorbic acid can increase the body's resistance to infection and speed the healing process.

The use of Madeira Vines to remove the stain of acne scars is very easy. Before using Madeira vines, wash the leaves clean, and then attached cleaned leaves to the face. Another way is finely ground cleaned Madeira vine leaves finely ground, then affixed to the face. Thereafter allowed to stand for 15 minutes, then washed clean. Furthermore, compress face with ice water so that the pores are closed.

If routinely used, blemishes and acne scars will slowly fade, and instead the surface of the skin will look brighter and smoother. The frequency of usage of Madeira vines that can give optimum results, preferably once a week.

Although made from natural, it does not mean there are no no side effects. Therefore, do not attach cleaned Madeira vine leaves to long, because it can cause itching and redness reactions, especially those whose skin hypersensitive to the leaf sap. If a reaction of itching and redness, you should not use Madeira vine leaves again and immediately go to the doctor to get special handling.