Tuesday, 15 October 2019 | 06:04 WIB

Fact: Durian Fruit Does Not Contain Cholesterol

Fact: Durian Fruit Does Not Contain Cholesterol (special)

MEDAN, NETRALNEWS.COM - The perception that durian fruit has high cholesterol content is a myth. Conversely, the fruit actually contains a lot of vitamins.

Nutrition specialist Rachel Olsen says durian has no cholesterol at all. It was quoted from a US National Library of Medicine research.

Durian is even rich in nutritional content because in every durian fruit there are protein, fiber, carbohydrates, good fats, vitamins and minerals.

"So durian is a fruit that has a good composition of nutrients to be consumed every day," Rachel Olsen said.

"So don't worry about eating durian. It's quite complete nutrition for daily human needs," she said.

Durian contains vitamin A, B complex, C and its minerals also vary such as potassium, calcium, iron, manganese, sodium, zinc and phosphorus.

In addition, durian also has high anti-oxidants to help prevent cancer.

Although durian has good nutritional value, eating various vegetables and fruits is still needed to meet daily vitamin and mineral needs.

"Actually, when we routinely eat vegetables and fruit, sometimes the body cannot absorb it to the maximum due to many factors," she said. This includes improper cooking or consumption.

"To ensure that the body is fulfilled with vitamins and minerals, humans must take additional multivitamins such as YOUVIT," he said.