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Beware of Hypertension without Any Complaints

Beware of Hypertension without Any Complaints (thebluediamondgallery)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - dr. Dicky Armein Hanafy SpJP (K), FIHA said the most signifant factor in cases of heart failure is hypertension. Dr. Dicky acknowledged that many patients live with hypertension but claimed not to experience complaints, and thus ignoring their blood pressure.

According to Dr. Dicky, this behavior is a wrong action, because hypertension without complaints can cause various kinds of impacts. One of the effects of uncontrolled hypertension is damage to various blood vessels in the body, this can end in sudden strokes and heart failure.

"Patients with hypertension most often have no complaints, while those who do have complaints are arguably a blessing. You might suddenly have a stroke, heart failure. So don't wait for a complaint," said Dr. Dicky.

The statement was conveyed by Dr. Dicky at a press conference at the Pacemaker Innovation Enhancing the Quality of Life for Cardiac Resynchronization Theraphy Pacemaker Cardiac Patients with Heart Failure, a New Hope for Heart Failure Patients at Columbia Asia Hospital in Jakarta.

Furthermore, Dr. Dicky said that one third of the Indonesian people experience hypertension. This number according to Dr. Dicky is a high prevalence in the world. One of the reasons is because Indonesian people like to consume salt. In Kalimantan alone, one out of two people live with hypertension.

The heart is one of the organs attacked by hypertension. The organ also experiences degeneration that is associated with an increase in a person's age, whereas as is known that the heart is one of the important organs in the human body, which pumps blood throughout the body.

Dr. Dicky explained, there are many risk factors and the course of the occurrence of heart disease. For example there is a change in the left ventricle, coronary arteries, and a heart attack. Heart rhythm abnormalities can also occur and lack of cubicle function.

"Sudden death can occur. Most who do not die experience a change in heart, enlargement of the heart, heart failure and death," explained Dr. Dicky.