Sunday, 09 May 2021 | 14:57 WIB

Uncontrolled Hypertension May Lead to Heart Failure

Uncontrolled Hypertension May Lead to Heart Failure (healthy)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Heart failure is a problem not only in Indonesia but the world. This is already a global pandemic that affects around 26 million people worldwide, according to dr. Dicky Armein Hanafy, SpJP (K), FIHA.

"In addition to coronary heart disease, heart failure is also caused by uncontrolled hypertension," said Dr. Dicky to Netralnews recently in Jakarta.

The prevalence of hypertension in Indonesia alone reaches 34.1 percent, of which 45.6 percent of hypertensive patients do not take medication regularly.

"The condition of uncontrolled hypertension for a long time will result in the heart becoming too stiff or too weak to pump blood throughout the body," said Dr. Dicky.

It was also said that the death rate of heart failure cases in cases treated in hospitals was also quite high, which was 12 percent.

Early detection of symptoms of heart failure should be done early, especially in patients who have risk factors such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, or a history of rheumatic heart disease as a child. Simple tests such as echocardiography (cardiac ultrasound) can see heart pump function in high-risk patients.

"The main principle of treating heart failure is lifelong management. The main therapy is to use medicines for heart failure," said Dr. Dicky.

Finding and managing the causes of heart failure is also important to do without forgetting to maintain a good lifestyle. If in certain cases where heart failure cannot be treated with drug therapy, there are other options such as the installation of cardiac electronic implants. The tool can help in synchronizing heart contractions to be more effective.