Thursday, 06 Augst 2020 | 08:32 WIB

IDI: MMR Vaccine Does Not Cause Autism

IDI: MMR Vaccine Does Not Cause Autism (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Soedjatmiko , Immunization Task Force member of the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI), has denied Dr Wakefield's statement stating that the MMR vaccine causes autism. MMR is a mixture of three types of attenuated viruses injected for immunization against measles fever, gizzard and rubella.

Soedjatmiko stressed that Wakefield, in his research, had falsified the patient's history so that lawyers sued vaccine producers. In addition, of the 12 children, there were five children who had had developmental problems before being vaccinated, while seven other children were never autistic.

"Wakefield is a digestive surgeon after all. As many as 10-12 people who are members of the team also appealed because the data stating the vaccine caused autism was not enough," Soedjatmiko said.

Wakefield is also known to receive $ 674,000 from lawyers handling parents' demands. Wakefield's practice license was even revoked because he misused his position and profession.

"There are also those who say vaccines cause paralysis, contain toxins, are not useful and others. Hoax. That's personal opinion, not research from a team of experts, "he asserted.

Soedjatmiko explained, many experts are competent in many countries that carry out immunization research. It was concluded that immunization is important, safe, preventing serious illness, disability, infant mortality, school children and adolescents.

"So all countries carry out complete and regular immunizations. This immunization is carried out in infants to teenagers," he added.