Thursday, 02 April 2020 | 11:07 WIB

How Long Can You Apply Full Make Up Safely?

How Long Can You Apply Full Make Up Safely? (healthy)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Do you work as a bank teller, flight attendant, or other profession that requires full use of makeup everyday? If so, you should pay attention to the advice of experts, Dr. Conny Melly Rosdiana SpKK, so that the skin stays healthy and avoids various unwanted skin disorders.

According to Dr. Conny, the duration of the safest full use of makeup is four hours. After four hours have passed, the face is urged to be cleaned and if it is still working hours, it can be repeated using makeup again.

"So, if you have a full make up, you will repeat it again and clean it first, then use it again. So the most important thing is double cleansing and it must be really clean," Dr. Conny told Netralnews recently in Jakarta.

Not only during working hours, Dr. Conny appealed when he arrived at home, his face must also be absolutely clean before going to bed.

Basically to get healthy skin on various occasions, Dr. Conny said that he must adopt a healthy and balanced diet. A healthy diet for the skin can be done by increasing the consumption of fruits and vegetables, drink enough water, exercise regularly, get enough rest, reduce stress.

"Stress can stimulate the formation of oil hormones and acne on the face. In addition, stress can also stimulate inflammatory factors and can cause new inflammation in the skin that is inflamed before," explained Dr. Conny.

In addition to maintaining facial cleanliness and managing stress, Dr. Conny appealed to avoid consuming cigarettes and alcohol. Also make sure the skin is protected from direct sun exposure, as well as regular skin care.

"You can choose make-up that is less comedogenic besides getting enough sleep. When you sleep, your skin is repairing or regenerating," said the doctor who practices in this Bamed Skin Care clinic.

When sleeping also explained there is an activity of stimulating collagen, which is one of the proteins that make up the human body. If collagen activity is inhibited by lack of sleep, it can destroy collagen. The destruction of collagen can have an impact on the appearance of wrinkles and black circles under the eyes.