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Drink Eight Glasses of Water Before Arafah Fasting

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Drink Eight Glasses of Water Before Arafah Fasting (freepik)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The need for water intake must remain eight glasses per day for the average adult when fasting. The amount of intake of eight glasses a day is sufficient to meet the body's fluid needs for activities during fasting.

Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital Dietisien Nutrition expert Triyani Kresnawan said that people who fast should be able to divide the adequacy of drinking water with every one glass at some time from dawn to evening.

Triyani made a schedule of drinking water, starting from one glass when waking up before dawn and one glass after dawn. After the breaking time it is recommended to drink one glass of water when breaking the fast, then drink one glass of water again after the Maghrib prayer.

After that, drink one glass of water after eating when breaking the fast, one glass of water before Isha prayer, one one or two glasses after supper, and one more glass before going to bed.

That way, the need to drink eight glasses of water per day can be achieved.

Keep in mind the need for drinking is different for each age such as six glasses of children, elderly six glasses, and pregnant women need more water for up to 10 glasses.

She also mentioned that you should avoid drinking coffee, tea, or soft drinks at dawn because it has a diuretic effect. "Coffee, tea, soda have a diuretic effect, the liquid that comes out is more than usual, so it is not recommended during sahur," she said, as quoted by Antara.

In addition, nutritional intake must be maintained in balance during the fasting month which makes the meal schedule twice a day. Triyani said food intake when breaking the fast must meet 50 percent of energy needs in a day, 10 percent of energy needs after tarawih in the form of snacks, and 40 percent of food intake at dawn.

According to Triyani, fasting will be very healthy for the body because it makes the eating schedule regular and the digestive organs work not too hard. But if the diet is applied incorrectly then fasting will have the opposite effect.