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Here are the Short and Long Term Effects of Dehydration

Here are the Short and Long Term Effects of Dehydration (filcatholic)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Did you know that simple daily activities, namely drinking can have an impact on the health of our body? Therefore you should be able to fulfill your body's hydration needs and not ignore drinking activities.

Doctor of Clinical Nutrition and Chair of the Department of Nutrition, FKUI-RSCM, Dr. Nurul Ratna Mutu Manikam, M Nutrition, SpGK says water needs can be met by drinking eight glasses of water every day for adults. In children and the elderly it is recommended to drink six glasses of water a day, while pregnant and lactating women can be exaggerated from the normal amount of drinking water recommended.

"If you drink less, it will lead to lack of water or dehydration resulting in deficits in body fluids. This can be followed by electrolyte disorders with symptoms of thirst and decreased awareness," said Dr. Nurul in a recent Hydration Talk in Jakarta.

Dr. Nurul explained, the short-term effects of lack of drinking turned out to disturb cognitive function and mood. Circumstances of lack of drinking can also cause tension, concentration down, visual memory down, easily sleepy and tired.

"While the long-term impact is the occurrence of kidney stones, urinary tract infections and the risk of obesity. Though drinking water can help reduce weight," said Dr. Nurul.

The call for fulfillment of hydration is conveyed because human organs need and contain water. Call it the brain, containing 75 percent water, the skin contains 72 percent water and blood contains 83 percent water.

"Only fat cells do not store much water. When calculated, 2/3 of the human body consists of water and the body cannot produce water," said Dr. Nurul.

Nurul pointed out, in brain organs that contain 75 percent of water. If the brain is dehydrated as much as 2 percent, then it can disrupt the function and performance of the body.

"For example, in children and adolescents who are dehydrated or lacking in drinking, in the short term can have an impact on cognitive function. Concentration, alertness and disruption of short-term memory," explained Dr. Nurul.