Friday, 10 July 2020 | 03:02 WIB

The Real Facts Behind Electronic Cigarettes

The Real Facts Behind Electronic Cigarettes (bbc)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Chairperson of the Indonesian Lung Doctors Association (PDPI) Dr. DR Dwi Dwi Susanto SpP (K), FAPSR, FISR says there were various effects of electronic cigarettes on the lungs. According to Dr. Agus, many studies in the laboratory have shown the impact of electronic cigarettes on the pulmonary and respiratory systems.

According to Dr. Agus, the electronic cigarettes can increase inflammation, epithelial damage and cell damage. In addition, electronic cigarettes can also reduce the local lung and airway immune system, and increase airway hypersensitivity.

"Electronic cigarettes can increase airway resistance, the risk of asthma and emphysema, and even risk of lung cancer," said Dr. Agus, recently in Jakarta.

Dr. Agus also revealed the true facts behind the vapor of electronic cigarettes which are kept safe. Research shows the impact of electronic cigarettes on the lung and respiratory system can result in irritation of the airways and improve respiratory symptoms.

Another impact is increasing the risk of bronchitis and increasing the risk of asthma. There is also the risk of bronchitis obliterans and the risk of lung infections such as pneumonia.

"Electronic cigarettes cannot be used as a tool to stop smoking. The FDA/WHO also does not recommend electronic cigarettes as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)," he stressed.

Dr Agus said that at the 2014 WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control conference, there was not enough evidence to state that electronic cigarettes could help someone stop smoking.

"So electronic cigarettes are not consistent in increasing the success of quitting smoking," he stressed.