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Genital Herpes is a Lifelong Infection

Genital Herpes is a Lifelong Infection (gentside)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COMDirector of Pramudia Clinic Dr. Anthony Handoko SpKK, FINSDV says genital herpes is a type of infection for life. Herpes, known as genital herpes, is also an iceberg phenomenon in sexually transmitted infections.

Dr. Anthony said the transmission of genital herpes can occur even without skin symptoms or asymptomatic or symptoms that are not typical. The most common infection even occurs in young adults, ie ages 15-49 years and higher in women.

"Genital herpes is a lifelong infection. This certainly has a psychological impact on the sufferer and gives financial problems, so it is better to prevent than cure by knowing the disease information and the way of transmission, "explained Dr. Anthony in a recent media seminar in Jakarta.

Dr. Anthony asserted that until now there has been no cure for genital herpes, but there are still goals for treatment. Although it doesn't cure, treatment can be done to reduce pain, speed healing and reduce recurrence.

According to Dr. Anthony, a laboratory examination is needed to confirm someone is experiencing genital herpes or not. The reason is, the diagnosis is usually sufficiently enforced from the inspection of the patient's physical examination and interviewing the patient's history.

"Several types of laboratory tests include examination of serum blood antibodies and viral culture. Of course, this laboratory examination requires considerable costs, "he said.

Genital herpes is the cause of the herpes simplex virus or Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV) type 1 or type 2. HSV type 1 appears on the lips and waist up, while HSV type 2 appears in the waist region down, until the genitals.

This HSV can then cause lip herpes or herpes labialis. In addition, HSV can cause genital herpes or genital herpes.

Meanwhile, transmission from genital herpes is through direct contact of the mucosa or mucous membranes of the lips or genitals. Genital herpes is also transmitted through kissing, sexual intercourse between sexes and genitals, and oral or oral sex.