Sunday, 09 May 2021 | 15:27 WIB

Having a Headache? Eat Spicy Food to Reduce the Pain

Having a Headache? Eat Spicy Food to Reduce the Pain (maxpixel)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Spicy foods can reduce pain like migraine and headaches.

A study conducted by the American Academy of Neurology says the use of nasal spray may reduce headaches such as migraines and cluster headaches quickly.

In addition, when headaches are caused due to sinusitis, spicy foods can help thin the mucus and reduce blockages, causing the headache to be relieved. Spicy foods are also able to improve the body's immune system.

As reported by Life Hacker, capsaicin is known to come from chili, as it is a substance that gives a spicy flavor.

Now scientific evidence shows capsaicin can lead the body to become insensitive to pain and suppress pain. This fact underlies why spicy foods are often recommended to overcome headaches.

It’s not clear yet how this can happen, but it’s expected since spicy foods cause the body to provide the same response as if reacting to an infection, inflammation, or injury.

The body secretes chemical compounds as a weapon against infections or inflammation. This makes the immune system increases after eating spicy foods because the body thinks it as a pain that has be removed.