Sunday, 09 May 2021 | 15:04 WIB

When is the Best Time to Use IUD?

When is the Best Time to Use IUD? (alodokter)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Are you planning on using Intrauterine Device (IUD)? If yes, do you know the right time to use the contraception?

Dr. Boy Abidin, SpOG (K), a member of the Indonesian Obstetrics and Gynecology Association (POGI), says the right time to use an IUD is when not being pregnant, after 40 days of childbirth, and during menstruation.

Dr. Boy explained that 40 days after giving birth could be the right time to install the IUD, as the uterus has returned to normal size. Not only that, with the state of the uterus that has returned to normal, the IUD can be installed in the best position.

During menstruation, it is said the state of the uterus will be slightly open because of menstrual blood. In the state, IUD can be inserted and placed as well.

There are also rumors stating that when IUD is placed during menstruation it is the best momentum, one of which is because it is not painful. Responding to this, Dr. Boy claims that the pain when placing an IUD is relatively in accordance with the perception of women who will use it.

"But as long as there is no menstruation, no pregnancy, an IUD can also be installed. If it hurts or not, it is relative," he said to Netralnews.

Dr. Boy suggested that IUD users must also be diligent in doing control every six months or once a year. Control is conducted to see the position of the IUD, whether there is a shift or not, or whether the IUD is loose.

In addition, it is also suggested to replace the IUD depending on the IUD's usage period. Some can be used for five years, and some others for eight years.

"The replacement of the IUD needs to be done, since of the IUD has passed its usage period, the effectiveness of the IUD is no longer optimal," he said.