Saturday, 31 October 2020 | 17:21 WIB

Eating Spicy Food Can Boost Performance in Bed

Eating Spicy Food Can Boost Performance in Bed (maxpixel)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - For married couples, sex is an indispensable part of life. Even for some, sex is considered as a process that can help create harmony and sustainability of household relationships.

Well, to improve a couple's sexual life, there is certainly a lot of factors that contribute. One of the various types of food mentioned below can help improve the activity and quality of the sex.

The type of food that is believed to be able to help is spicy food. Related to that, there are three points that explain the benefits of spicy food for your sex life. What are they? The following reviews are summarized from various sources:

1. To Add Self Confidence and Boost Mood

Do you know that frequently eating spicy foods can increase the endorphins and serotonin hormones? That means your mood is improving and you become more relaxed.

According to experts, the condition you experience has the potential to increase confidence in you as well as couples in sexual activity. There is no such thing as being hesitant.

2. To Stimulate Passion

Spicy foods do cause blood flow to the heart pumped rapidly accompanied by an increase in respiratory system in which the body secretes a lot of sweat. So, that helps pump passion of sexual partner. Both you and your partner should together prepare spicy food three to four hours before doing some sexy time on bed.

3. To Increase Sexual Stimulation

The last benefit you can gain from eating spicy foods is its ability to increase sexual stimulation. A research results say, spicy scent is the main cause of someone 'infected' by sexual stimulation, especially men.