Sunday, 16 May 2021 | 16:36 WIB

The Problems Faced by Underage or Early Marriage Couples

The Problems Faced by Underage or Early Marriage Couples (maxpixel)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Underage marriage is still a major factor in the number of deaths of Indonesian women during childbirth.

Wendy Hartanto, Deputy of Population Control at BKKBN, said the death rate of Indonesian women during childbirth is still at 305/100,000 births. This figure is very far away compared to Singapore which only 3/100,000 births. The main factor is underage or early marriage.

According to Wendy, with an early marriage the potential of pregnant women to bear and under 21 years of age is very high. Though ideally women are ready to give birth is at the age of 21 to 35 years.

"The minimum age for pregnancy and childbirth is 21. Before 21 years, many organs in the body are not perfect, so if that happens then the percentage of maternal deaths during childbirth is very high," Wendy said.

Wendy added that the high number of female deaths during childbirth is triggered by many women who married early not only in the rural areas, but also in urban areas.

"For many cities married because of pregnancy first, without planning, this is why women are too early to give birth," said Wendy.

She continued that BKKBN, continued will continue to socialize the couples of childbearing age including the workers to really avoid childbirth under the age of 21 years for maternal mortality can be suppressed.

Currently, Indonesia is ranked fifth in ASEAN regarding the high deaths of women during childbirth under Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. "The government wants to keep the numbers down so that BKKBN together with various parties keep trying to socialize the danger of early marriage for women," said Wendy.

Wendy said the delaying of marriage also has a positive impact on the high birth rate that affects the population explosion in Indonesia.