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Uncleaned Toilet Rooms May Breed Microorganisms That Can Make You Sick

Uncleaned Toilet Rooms May Breed Microorganisms That Can Make You Sick (housingestate)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - In addition to the toilet seat, other parts of the toilet such as sinks, faucets, door handles, and floors are also prone to host a variety of microorganisms that can affect your health.

"There are surely bacteria living in the toilet. However, there are places that look clean but not necessarily clean, places that are often touched by hands such as the toilet seat cover, wet floor area, tap handles, flush handle, and light switches," said clinical microbiologist Dr. dr. Wani Gunardi in an event organized by Vixal in Jakarta, Monday (11/18/2019).

Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, germs and others, live and breed in damp locations. The amount can reach millions to billions in one toilet.

Unilever research results recently showed that there are around 100 million germs in the toilet. Stool or human waste alone normally contains 11 billion germs per gram.

"There are a variety of bacteria and viruses, such as salmonella, e. coli, listeria, rotavirus, norovirus, fungi, and parasites. If these bacteria are not controlled, they can cause diseases such as diarrhea and others," she said.

The curtains on the toilet contains at least 16,240,000 bacterial forming units (CFU) per square centimeter, on the shower floor there are around 15,883,333 CFU, and the toothbrush holder has 12.6919,333 CFU.

The handle of the sink faucet may contain 56,133 CFU, and on the toilet door handle there are 13,835 CFU.

Routinely cleaning toilets is the best way to keep the number of microorganisms under control. Cleaning the toilets routinely is also good, as there would be no smell, no slippery (on the floor), no crust or yellow stains on various toilet areas.

On that occasion, Unilever Indonesia's Senior Brand Manager of Cleaners Antonius Pandu said that there were still many Indonesians who still ignored the cleanliness of toilets.

Research shows that more than 70 percent of Indonesian households do not clean toilets properly. Pandu said, this shows, toilets become a hidden area that is often forgotten to be cleaned.