Sunday, 09 May 2021 | 14:30 WIB

Tips on Preventing Corona Virus, according to Dr. Clarin Hayes

Tips on Preventing Corona Virus, according to Dr. Clarin Hayes (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Many people are afraid of contracting corona virus or Covid-19 these days. However, there are various ways can be done to prepare, according to WHO recommendations.

Dr. Clarin Hayes says there are two ways people can take prevention steps against Covid-19, namely from outside and inside the body. Here's how to prevent the corona virus, as reported by Herstory and other sources.

First, as social human beings, we must maintain bodily hygiene, especially in the current disease season.

"So we can distinguish prevention from outside and inside. From outside, we can maintain cleanliness, wash hands, and if you want to cough or sneeze, do it according to ethics," she said.

Although we have to maintain cleanliness, we also don't need to overdo it. Do wash your hands sufficiently, for example when after sneezing or coughing. The important thing to remember is to use soap and running water for good hand washing.

"Now this is what needs to be remembered, it is not necessary to wash your hands every hour, or once every five minutes as it can dry out the surface of the hands, as the skin also needs moisture. The important thing is to wash your hands under running water and soap," Clarin added.

The second way that can be done to prevent corona virus from outside is to do a good and right coughing ethics. Especially if you feel unwell, don't spread your disease to healthy people. You can cover the mouth with elbows, palms, and tissue paper.

Clarin added that despite coronavirus attacking a human's breathing, dr. Clarin said that the corona virus was not as scary as imagined. The most important thing that needs to be done is to do prevention, be vigilant, and not have to panic.

"Well, the virus attacks the respiratory system with a multilevel diagnosis like that. We need to be vigilant and deal with it seriously. But, we don't need to panic. The virus spreads through droplets, and spreads quickly. Therefore, we can do prevention, since this is a virus," he concluded.