Thursday, 01 October 2020 | 20:50 WIB

Smokers Have Higher Risk of Contracting Coronavirus

Smokers Have Higher Risk of Contracting Coronavirus (trubus)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Dr Feni Fitriani Sp.P (K), Chairperson of the Working Group on Cigarette issues at the Indonesian Lung Doctors Association, has emphasized that smoking increases the risk of being infected with the coronavirus.

She said smoking increases ACE 2 receptors. ACE 2 receptors are one of the receptors of coronavirus that cause Covid-19.

"So the more coronaviruses that cause Covid-19 to land/occupy the receptors, the greater the risk of a smoker getting Covid-19," Dr Feni said recently in Jakarta.

It also corrects the disinformation that is circulating which says smoking or cigarette smoke can help relieve Covid-19. According to her, this is totally wrong.

"So, to reduce or prevent the risk of coronavirus and its complications, reduce smoking. Stopping is better," she stressed.

Not long ago, WHO Indonesia issued a statement that specifically reminded the Indonesian people about the link between Covid-19 and smoking behavior.

In the official statement, Dr. N Paranietharan, WHO Representative to Indonesia said, "Smokers are at high risk for heart disease and respiratory disease, which are high risk factors for developing severe or critical disease with COVID-19. Therefore, smokers in Indonesia are at high risk for Covid-19."