Thursday, 06 May 2021 | 04:39 WIB

Can Using Condoms Cause Erection Problems?

Can Using Condoms Cause Erection Problems? (flickr)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Sex has been an interesting topic of conversation, especially if the entire elements are discussed deeply one by one. One of the elements of sex is safety, which includes using condoms.

Many people view that using condoms when having sex reduces the pleasure one gains from it. However, condom manufacturers have affirmed that condom usage that decreases sexual pleasure is a myth. The condom manufacturers have proven that using condoms when having sex, particularly during penetration, further enhances the pleasure. 

However, there are also views that condom usage causes erection problems in men. The issue is picked up from a survey reported by the Times of India. In the survey, it was concluded that 37 of men experience erection problems when using condoms while having sex. 

This is attributed to the presense of stopping stimulation, albeit only several seconds, that can interrupt the sensation, and thus affect to men's erection, as reported by Times of India. 

Another issue is that men do not use the right condoms for them, thus causing erection issues. Therefore, it is important to choose the right kind of condom before having sex. 

In general, erection issues are not just caused by condom usage, and can also be affected by other matters. This includes depression, feeling anxious and or worried, which can affect men in terms of sustaining their erections.