Sunday, 09 May 2021 | 14:05 WIB

Prolonged Sitting is Just as Bad as Smoking

Prolonged Sitting is Just as Bad as Smoking (balipost)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Physician dr. Grace Joselini has said that prolonged sitting has the same health risks as smoking.

"Sitting is the new smoking. It turns out that sitting has many health risks, the same as people who smoke," said dr. Grace, and added that sitting for just three hours can cause blood vessels to narrow by 50 percent.

Prolonged sitting also causes insulin to drop 50 percent, and increase risk of exposure to Diabetes Mellitus (DM). This prolonged sitting habit is mostly done by generation O type of people. 

Generation O are those who are overwork, overeat, and are overwhelmed. The research results also conclude that the Generation O population is increasing

dr. Grace added that the health risks involved in prolonged sitting are not only DM. After two weeks, bad fat in blood vessels can increase when a person sits for six hours without any activity in a day. Bad fat then creates plaques in blood vessels and their condition accumulate and lead to a heart attack.

"And those who are in menopause, sitting too much for a year can cause decreased bone mass density and cause osteoporosis," explained dr. Grace.

Furthermore, the habit of prolonged sitting without physical activity for decades can lead to other Non-Communicable Diseases, including cancer.