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The Myths about Underwire Bra and Breast Cancer

The Myths about Underwire Bra and Breast Cancer (flickr)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - In modern age and century, breast cancer has become a scourge for women today. The disease lurks people who do not keep healthy diet and lifestyle.

No wonder there are a lot of information, either myth or fact, in relation to breast cancer. One of them is the use of underwire bra that can increase risk of breast cancer. Is it true? As quoted from, it is affirmed that it is only a myth.

This type of bra is considered to clog the flow of blood that flows into the breast. As a result, the blood supply and metabolism of the breast tissues become reduced.

"However, these myths have been widely debunked by medical experts, and any type of bra will not affect the risk of breast cancer," said.

In addition to the use of underwire bra, there are several myths related to breast cancer that you need to refer to:

1. Only Women with Family History of Cancer are at Risk of Breast Cancer

The statement that only women with a family history of breast cancer will be at risk for the same disease, confirmed only myth. In fact, about 70 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer have no recognized risk factors for this disease.

But the risk of family history is that if the first level, ie the parents, siblings or children has breast cancer brashing, the risk of this disease is about twice as much.

2. Most Lumps on Breasts are Cancerous

If you find a lump in the breast, do not panic, since 80 percent of the lump in the female breast is caused by various things such as cysts or other conditions. However, you should see a doctor immediately if there is a lump in the breast, because early detection is very useful for handling cancer.

3. Operating of Breast Cancer Causes Cancer to Spread

You may often hear that if breast cancer is in operation, it will spread the disease. This is confirmed only myth. In fact, according to scientists, surgery does not cause breast cancer and does not cause cancer to spread. It could be during surgery, the doctor knows that your cancer is wider than previously thought.

4. Breast Implants Can Increase Risk of Cancer

In fact, women with breast implants are not at greater risk of developing breast cancer, according to the study. Standard mammograms do not always work well in women who do breast implants. So it takes X-rays to examine breast tissue well. One in eight women, whether breast implants or not, are at risk of developing breast cancer.

The risk increases with age. A woman's chance of being diagnosed with breast cancer is about 1 in 233 at the age of 30 and rises to 1 in 8 at the age of 85.

5. Small Breasted Women at Risk of Breast Cancer

In fact, there is no relationship between breast size and breast cancer risk. Extremely large breasts may be more difficult to examine than smaller breasts through clinical breast examination, and even more difficult on mammograms and MRI. However, all women, regardless of whether their breast size is large or small should perform routine checks and undergo early detection for cancer.