Tuesday, 13 April 2021 | 11:21 WIB

Obesity Can Increase The Risk of Death Caused by COVID-19

Obesity Can Increase The Risk of Death Caused by COVID-19 (sciencemag)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The death rate caused by COVID-19 is ten times higher in countries that have at least 50% adults who have obesity, according to a global study.

A study that analysed the COVID-19 death rates from Johns Hopkins University in the United States (US) and the data of Health Observatory of World Health Organization about obesity found that 90% or 2.2 million out of 2.5 million deaths caused by diseases during this pandemic so far happened in the countries with high obesity rates.

"Take a look at the countries like Japan and South Korea, in which the death rate caused by COVID-19 and the adult obesity rates are low," says Tim Lobstein, who is an advisor of World Obesity Federation and a professor in Australia's Sydney University, who also leads the study, as quoted from Reuters on Friday (03/55/2021).

According to Tim, these countries prioritizes the health of their citizens, including their weight.

On the contrary, a study found that countries like the US and the United Kingdom (UK) have quite high death rates caused by COVID-19 and obesity.

The UK is the third country with the highest death rate caused by COVID-19 in the world, with 184 death cases per 100,000. The country is also placed 4th with the highest obesity rate, with 63.7% adults with obesity, according to the World Health Organization.

John Wilding, Medicine Professor at the University of Liverpool, said obesity should be considered as a main health risk of COVID-19 and taken into account in vaccination plans.

"It is important for us to realize that obesity increases the death risk caused by COVID-19. Therefore, like other diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular, people with obesity should be considered as the early priority in the vaccination program all over the world," he said, as quoted from Antara.