Monday, 23 September 2019 | 01:55 WIB

Can Eating Instant Noodles Cause Cancer?

Can Eating Instant Noodles Cause Cancer? (ndtv)

DEPOK, NNC - Who does not like instant noodles ? The practical, tasty and affordable food is a favorite food for many people. However, can eating instant noodles cause cancer?

Obstetric and Gynecology Specialist Dr. Kartiwa Hadi Nuryanto SpOG (K) said that the consumption of preserved foods such as instant noodles and the consumption of barbequed foods that are known to contain carcinogens (substances that cause cancer) does not provide a negative impact far for the body. However, Kartiwa warned not to consume them often, and pay attention to the pattern of presentation.

"No need to be afraid to eat satay, instant noodles, or over-cooked meat, if not eaten often, sometimes it's okay," said Dr. Kartiwa.

While in creating a healthy lifestyle avoid cancer, one of the efforts that need to diketaui society that is, Indonesia is no longer apply a healthy diet five five perfect, but a balanced diet nutrition. So even though occasional consumption of instant noodles and satay, well applied diet with balanced nutrition.

On different occasions, Lecturer and Nutritionist, Member of Nutrition Research and Development Division of the Central Board of Indonesian Nutritionist Association (PERSAGI), Dr. Marudut, even stated that instant noodle boiled water is better not to be thrown away.

"Precisely the vitamins contained such as iron, folic acid, zinc, B1 and B2, it's already mandatory from the government in the fortification of wheat flour in Indonesia," explained Dr. Marudut.

But Dr Marudut again emphasized, if the diet varies should be applied in regulating the intake of balanced nutrition diet, with the consumption of instant noodles accompanied by vegetables and protein.

"In the packaging of instant noodles there is a picture, followed, because that's the presentation suggestion," said Dr. Marudut.