Tuesday, 13 April 2021 | 12:18 WIB

Man Kills Entire Family after Rejected Marriage Proposal


NEW DELHI, NNC - A man in India has killed all of his family members due to the rejection of the man's marriage proposal.

The tragic incident took place in the village of Tulasai, Jharkhand state, India, about two weeks ago. But, the police finally solved the case just earlier this week.

As reported by the Hindustan Times, the discovery of this vicious case started from a number of villagers who found some bodies in the forest, not far from the village. Police who received direct reports came to the site and found the alleged bodies of Ram Singh Sirka, his wife Pano Kui, daughter Rambha Sirka (17), Kod Sirka (12), and Sonia Sirka (8).

According to police, the alleged murderer was Topay Boypai, a highly respected villager. This man had previously approached Ram Singh and declared his intention to marry his daughter. However, the proposal was rejected.

Apparently the rejection hurt Topay’s feelings. When Ram Singh was at work, he returned to the man's residence and killed his wife and three children.

 Topay was not alone in committing the crime. He was assisted by his eight accomplices. After killing the entire Ram Singh family, Topay dumped the bodies of the victims in the forest and killed Ram Singh when he returned home at night.

After the police found the bodies of Ram Singh's family, they immediately conducted an investigation that led to the arrest of the perpetrator. "He has already acknowledged his role in the killing," said Sanjay Kumar, a local police investigator.

Kumar added, now the police are conducting a pursuit against the other eight accomplices.