Tuesday, 13 April 2021 | 10:57 WIB

Marriage with Men 41 Years Old, Teenagers This Year Wonder Angry People


KOTA BARU, NNC - A marriage controversy becomes debate in Malaysia. A 41-year-old Malaysian man marries an 11-year-old teenager. Ironically, the teenager is the man’s third wife.

Although the marriage caused a debate in society, the teenager whose identity is kept confidential, wondering why people are angry at her decision to marry the Malaysian man.

"I do not know why people are angry, I'll stay with him when I'm old enough. He's a good person ... he's kind," said the teenager whose parents are from Thailand.

The teenager also believed that she is in love with the man. The man explained, although the registration of marriage has been done, but now the teenager will still stay with her parents until she turns 16.

"I will register our marriage in Malaysia when she is 16. Until now, she will live with her parents," said the man as reported by Asia One, Monday (7/2/2018).

Meanwhile, Kelantan police brushed off pedophilia charges against the groom.

"However, religious authorities are investigating because the marriage took place without prior approval (from the Shari'ah Court)," said Kelat Kelantan CPO Datuk Din Ahmad.