Friday, 30 October 2020 | 20:26 WIB

Flat Earther Now Claims Earth Shaped Like a Donut


JAKARTA, NNC - Member of the Flat Earth Society also known as a Flat Earther, Varaug, has shown the possibility that Earth is shaped like a donut. Varaug claimed to wonder how theories such as the theory of Flat Earth was formed.

He came to the conclusion that someone must have thought of the original idea and then followed by a long series of people who showed shortcomings and then readjusted the theory (or thinking of new ideas) to overcome deficiencies in the theory.

"They expressed their theories, and then invited fellow members to convey arguments. I have a theory that the Earth is actually shaped like a torus (donut shape). However, light is curved so we can't tell," Varaug said, quoted from the Unilad website on Friday (11/9/2018).

The first question is how can we know whether the light is curved? Varaug stated, referring to the Flat Earth Society that radio waves are reflected by the atmosphere, so there is no need to prepare a number of towers to transmit radio waves over very long distances.

Similarly, light waves are reflected in the same way. So, when looking across, the light decreases as it moves, and by the time it reaches the atmosphere, it is sufficiently reduced to be reflected.

The light will then hit the other angles of the atmosphere and so on and so forth, curving every time.

When asked how there was night and day, Varaug likened to putting a horizontal torch on the table and turning it on. Then, put the donut on the side of the torch with the donut hole perpendicular to the torch. The torch illuminated side is the day time.

"More than 24 hours, the donut performs a complete revolution. When the donut rotates halfway (the Sun around the Earth) it means it has experienced a 12-hour turnaround," said Varaug.