Monday, 13 July 2020 | 15:37 WIB

NASA Clarifies on the Mysterious Dancing Blue Lights in the Arctic Skies

NASA Clarifies on the Mysterious Dancing Blue Lights in the Arctic Skies (dailymail)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - NASA has said that there appeared to be blue lights mysteriously dancing in the Arctic Circle. Some people deemed it as an attack from aliens.

As it turned out, the blue lights were actually part of an ongoing NASA experiment. The experiment was nicknamed the Rocket Upwelling Zone Auroral Zone (AZURE) Experiment. As part of the mission, NASA said it had launched the first AZURE test rocket out of eight planned launches, aimed at studying solar wind patterns.

This alluring lights werecreated by releasing two harmless gases into the atmosphere, called trimethylaluminum and a mixture of barium and strontium, so that researchers can study particle pathways in the Earth's ionosphere, NASA said.

According to scientists, this experiment will also help open the power behind one of the natural phenomena, the Aurora Borealis. Aurora shows of green, blue and purple light that are observed in the sky near the poles of the earth are created by solar winds that interact with the planet's magnetic field.

When particles from two atmospheric regions collide and each particle is charged, the trajectory is changed, which forces electrons and protons to descend into the atmosphere where humans can observe them as colorful light lines.

The solar winds, the waves of particles released from the sun, is full of radiation, which if emitted to the surface of the earth, will greatly damage all of our planet's inhabitants. However, on the contrary, solar particles are deflected away from the planet by the Earth's magnetic field, known as the magnetosphere.

In addition to studying Aurora, NASA said its experiments would also help to get a more complete picture of what happens when particles from the solar wind are forced into our atmosphere and where they go.