Thursday, 06 Augst 2020 | 08:16 WIB

Pet Deer Fatally Attacks Owner in Australia

Pet Deer Fatally Attacks Owner in Australia (linetoday)

SYDNEY, NETRALNEWS.COM - A pet deer has killed its owner and caused the owner's wife to be seriously injured in Australia, police said Wednesday.

The incident was the first attack that occurred after years of mating season, which is when animals behave badly.

The deer attacked the male owner as soon as the man entered the cage in his home complex near the town of Wangaratta, about 200 km northwest of Melbourne in the State of Victoria.

The deer also attacked the man's wife, causing serious injuries when his wife tried to help her husband, police said.

"Unfortunately, the injuries suffered by the man were deadly, while the wounds to the woman threatened his life's safety," police officer Paul Pursell told reporters.

Police shot the deer when they arrived at the scene. Deer began to be introduced in Australia in the 19th century and were considered a pest of more than a million deer in Victoria, according to government estimates.

These animals are known to be very easy to attack during the annual mating season in the fall.

"It takes a short amount of time for them to become angry and clash with each other," said David Voss of the Australian Deer Association, the hunter lobby group.

The police did not give detailed information about the attack. Voss said that deer usually stay away when people approach, but the deer that killed the owner "has no place to escape so they attack."

As reported by Reuters and quoted by Antara, in nine years until 2017, Australia did not receive reports of deaths directly caused by deer, although there were 77 deaths related to horses and cattle, according to a report from Australian Broadcasting Corp, which cited the agency national statistics.