Wednesday, 21 Augst 2019 | 11:55 WIB

Elon Musk to Face Trial after Calling Diver a Pedophile

Elon Musk to Face Trial after Calling Diver a Pedophile (marketwatch)

LOS ANGELES, NETRALNEWS.COM -- Elon Musk will be put on trial after he called a British diver rescuing a boy trapped in a Thai cave as a pedophile.

A federal judge in Los Angeles rejected the billionaire's attempt to reject a libel suit filed by Vernon Unsworth and set a date for the trial on October 22, 2019.

Unsworth claimed that Tesla's chief executive slandered him with "illegitimate, unsupported and despicable accusations", according to court documents filed in California.

Elon Musk referred to Unsworth as "pedo" in posting on his Twitter account in July last year.

Unsworth himself was part of a team of international divers who managed to save 12 youngsters and Thai soccer coaches when they were trapped for two weeks with increasing water in the cave.

Vern Unsworth talked about a tweet sent by Elon Musk where he mentioned that my diver was a 'pedophile'

Elon Musk and engineers from the SpaceX rocket company have built a small submarine and sent it to Thailand to help free children at the time, according to Skynews.