Monday, 06 April 2020 | 06:09 WIB

Iran Elite Guards Raid Underground Modeling Agencies

Iran Elite Guards Raid Underground Modelling Agencies (middleeastmonitor)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - Iran's elite forces, the Revolutionary Guard, have raided three underground model agencies, and have accused the companies and their models of ridiculing strict Islamic dress code, Iranian news agencies reported on Saturday.

General Mohsen Karimi, a Revolutionary Guard commander in Arak City, in central Iran, said staff at the agencies had been arrested for "promoting incompetence", partly through photos of models on social media, the semi-official news agency Fars said.

Iranian authorities have repeatedly raided unlicensed fashion shows and targeted model agencies that uploaded photos of models on the network in Western-style clothes that were not in accordance with Islamic hijab regulations in Iran.

The media quoted Karimi as saying that anyone who violates the norm and thinks they can do anything in the virtual world, sooner or later, law enforcement will arrest them.

He did not say how many people had been arrested, as reported by Reuters, and quoted by Antara on Sunday (05/19/2019).

Iranian officials have long warned that Western influence and especially the culture of the United States through entertainment, social media and the internet are threats to Islamic values ​​and revolution.