Saturday, 14 December 2019 | 15:08 WIB

Saudi Arabia Holds Emergency Meeting with Middle East Leaders

Saudi Arabia Holds Emergency Meeting with Middle East Leaders (lifeinsaudiarabia)

JEDDAH, NETRALNEWS.COM - Leaders of the Middle East countries have gathered in Saudi Arabia on Thursday to attend an emergency summit after attacks on Gulf oil assets that took place in May.

Riyadh hopes the summit will be a strong message to Iran that teh forces in the region will defend their interests from any threat.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which lobbied Washington to curb their enemy Iran, have said they want to avoid a postwar war on drones on oil pump facilities in the kingdom and sabotage of oil tankers off the UAE coast.

Riyadh accused Tehran of ordering drone attacks, claimed by Houthi militants who were allied with Iran. A US security official said Iranian mines were "almost certain" to be used in the tanker attack. Tehran denied involvement in the action.

Saudi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Assaf told his colleagues who had gathered in Jeddah ahead of the summit that the attacks must be overcome with "strength and firmness".

"While the leaders' summit will discuss how to avoid war, King Salman is determined to defend Saudi and Arab interests amid increasing tensions between the US and Iran," said Prince Turki al-Faisal, former Chief of Saudi Intelligence and ambassador, to Al Arabiya.

He said a meeting of Sunni Muslim leaders and leaders in Mecca would "intervene" in Arab affairs.

Tensions have risen between the United States and Iran after Washington withdrew from the multinational nuclear agreement with Iran and reinstated sanctions and deployed a military presence in the Gulf, according to a Reuters report quoted by Antara on Thursday (05/30/2019).