Tuesday, 15 October 2019 | 06:44 WIB

Former Egypt President Mohamed Morsi Passes Away during Trial

Former Egypt President Mohamed Morsi Passes Away during Trial (moroccoworldnews)

CAIRO, NETRALNEWS.COM - Former Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi has passed away on Monday (06/17/2019) local time.

Information in Cairo said the head of the first democratically elected country in Egypt's modern history died at the age of 67 after fainting in a Cairo court after undergoing a trial on espionage charges.

Mursi, a leading Muslim Brotherhood leader who is now banned, has been behind bars since being ousted by the military in 2013 after nearly a year in power following mass protests against his government.

The public prosecutor said Mursi fainted in the courtroom after speaking before the judges. He was later declared dead at the hospital at 16.50 local time. He said the initial inspection did not show any new wounds in Morsi's body.

The Muslim Brotherhood described Morsi's death as "pure murder". They also requested that the Egyptian people gather to attend their funeral in Egypt and visit the Egyptian embassies throughout the world.

The family previously said that Mursi's health in prison had deteriorated and they were rarely allowed to visit him.