Saturday, 31 October 2020 | 17:05 WIB

Researchers Discover Small Squid with Pig-like Snout

Researchers Discover Small Squid with Pig-like Snout (dailymail)

HONOLULU, NETRALNEWS.COM - An adorable pig-like squid has been found in its original habitat in the Pacific Ocean by a research team.

The squid was captured by the E/V Nautilus team that explored Palmyra Atoll earlier this month. Researchers saw the creature at a depth of 4,500 feet below sea level.

The Nautilus team, from the non-profit organization Ocean Exploration Trust, used ROV, an underwater vehicle operated remotely, to see the animal's activities.

The translucent pig squid turned out to be known as Helicocranchia sp, named after a large siphon that looked like a snout.

The animal regulates buoyancy with an internal chamber full of ammonia. Like all squid, it moves using a siphon to remove water.

The average size of a pig squid is around 4 inches or 100 mm. The body consists of a large funnel with small fins such as oars. The squid also has small tentacles above their eyes

The researchers explained that this amazing squid is often observed because its tentacles are widened above its head, and this coincidental encounter occurred 1,000 miles south of Hawaii.

As reported by Daily Mail, the squid, like other cephalopods, move using a structure called a siphon to pull and push the surrounding water like a jet pump.

This cephalopod, Helicocranchia pfefferi, aka pig squid, gets its name because of an enlarged siphon that resembles a snout.