Sunday, 05 April 2020 | 19:28 WIB

Disability Does Not Keep Yang Li from Inspiring Others

Disability Does Not Keep Yang Li from Inspiring Others (weibo)

BEIJING, NETRALNEWS.COM - This beautiful disabled woman may not have a pair of arms, but that does not stop her from inspiring others by livestreaming her daily activities.

Her name is Yang Li. She had an accident with a high voltage wire when she was a toddler, which caused her arms to be amputated.

Since then, Yang has not given up easily, and kept training both of her legs to be her 'hands’ until she can finally eat using chopsticks, put on her makeup, browse the internet through a mobile phone, and even take selfies.

And just like all other millennial women, Yang is a big fan of the digital world, and loves playing online games and chatting with her friends on her mobile phone.

However, the most exciting is when Yang made her live streaming videos with the help of a selfie stick attached around her neck, telling others about her daily life.

"Life of the disabled can be very simple and dull, but I can meet and make many friends through livestreaming," Yang said, as quoted by Asia One.

Her inspirational videos are popular among netizens, and Yang eventually has 900,000 followers on her live streaming page.

Meanwhile, some media in China reported that Yang has graduated from a renowned university, and now holds a job in administration.