Sunday, 09 Augst 2020 | 18:42 WIB

Al Azhar University in Cairo Officially Uses Indonesia as Second Language

Al Azhar University in Cairo Officially Uses Indonesia as Second Language (special)

CAIRO, NETRALNEWS.COM - Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt, has officially set Indonesian as the second language at the university.

The inauguration of the use of Indonesian as a second language was carried out through a ceremony by the Al-Azhar University's Language and Translation Faculty in collaboration with the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo, at the Al-Azhar University Language and Translation Faculty Hall.

Present on the occasion was the Indonesian Ambassador in Cairo Helmy Fauzy, Education and Culture Attache of the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo, the Dean and Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Languages ​​and Translation of Al-Azhar University, UGM Chancellor (Prof. Dr. Panut Mulyono), UMS Rector (Prof. Dr. Sofyan Anif, M .Si.) And Deputy Chancellor for Student Affairs of UIN Maulana Malik Ibrahim (Dr. M. Isroqunnajah, MA).

Before the opening ceremonial event, the Indonesian Ambassador in Cairo and all the Chancellors and Vice Chancellors of the consortium members were received by the Al-Azhar University Rector, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Husein al-Mahrashawi, who was accompanied by the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Yusuf Amir.

In his remarks, Ambassador Helmy Fauzy said that among the main objectives of teaching Indonesian in Al-Azhar was that Indonesian was widely used by the majority of Southeast Asian nations, where the majority of the population was Muslim.

There appeared many Islamic scholars and thinkers. Unfortunately, their works are not widely known by thinkers of the Arab world. In addition, these countries also need scholars and preachers from al-Azhar who master local traditions and culture.

"I also say thank you to Al-Azhar who has accepted Indonesian as a second language at the Faculty of Languages ​​and Al-Azhar Translation," Helmi said.

On the other hand, the Chancellor of Al-Azhar University said that teaching Indonesian as a second language was the first step in preparing for the opening of the Indonesian Study Program at the Al-Azhar campus. While the Vice Chancellor of Al-Azhar University Prof. Dr. Yusuf Amir hopes that during this preparation period a cadre of lecturer candidates who will teach at this study program can be prepared.

"In addition, we hope that students who currently choose Indonesian as a second language, will be given the opportunity to study in Indonesia for 2 years, so that they can master Indonesian from their sources," said the Deputy Rector Al Azhar who is also Professor of Urdu Language . The Dean of the Language and Translation Faculty said that this transition period must be put to good use by the Indonesian Embassy and Al-Azhar. Related 4 lecturers who will teach Indonesian as a second language.

"They have become part of us. We will ease all obstacles encountered and will protect and protect them, "said the Dean accompanied by a standing ovation.

After the official reception, the event continued in the Hall of the Language and Translation Faculty, which was assembled with several remarks as well as the delivery of key Language laboratories from the Indonesian Ambassador to Cairo to the Dean of the Faculty and Al-Azhar Translation. The program continued with Indonesian students' performances and ended by visiting the language laboratory.