Monday, 08 March 2021 | 12:58 WIB

Taiwan Cannot be Absent from the Global Fight against Transnational Crime

John Chen, Representative of TETO (Taipei Economic and Trade Office) (special)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The 88th INTERPOL meeting will be held in Santiago, Chile, on October 15, 2019. To be able to participate in this organization, John Chen, Representative of TETO (Taipei Economic and Trade Office), openly calls on the media in Indonesia that international crime is changing every day.

According to John Chen, Taiwan is a member of the international community, and very often interacts with many countries. If Taiwan is refused to participate in Interpol due to political factors, it will be a big gap for combating international crime.

Meanwhile, Huang Ming-Chao, Commissioner of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Taiwan's Department of Criminal Investigation Bureau specifically wrote an article entitled "Combating International Crime Cannot Be Without Taiwan", and appealed to all countries in the world to support Taiwan's participation in organizations Interpol.

"Taiwan's participation is very important in combating transnational crime. For example, in 2018, police in Taiwan and Indonesia worked together and succeeded in seizing one ton of amphetamine on a fishing vessel in Batam, Indonesia. This shows Taiwan's ability and willingness to investigate and prevent transnational crime, "said John Chen through his written statement on Monday (10/14/2019).

John Chen said Taiwan is an important circulation center for personnel, transportation, trade and information in East Asia. If it fails to participate in Interpol, Taiwan will not be able to immediately obtain important crime information from the international police. This is a loophole that could hamper Taiwan and other countries in the fight against transnational crime.

"It is unfortunate because of political factors, Taiwan has been excluded from Interpol, this unreasonable political obstacle has even hampered the willingness of other countries to cooperate with Taiwan in the police force," he added.

John Chen also said that just by including Taiwan in Interpol, countries' efforts to fight crime would not be in vain. John Chen called on Indonesia and other countries in the world to support Taiwan to participate in Interpol as an observer and participate in various meetings.

"Taiwan is the 22nd largest economic entity in the world and the 17th largest exporting country. In 2018, there were 68.9 million passengers in and out of Taiwan. If Taiwan is excluded from INTERPOL, this will harm global cooperation against terrorism and efforts "to combat transnational crimes such as drugs, fraud through telecommunications and cyber crime," he said.

John Chen stressed that Taiwan is not part of China. China cannot and does not have the right to represent Taiwan at the international level.

"Only the government chosen by 23 million Taiwanese in the democratic process can represent Taiwan in INTERPOL, and exchange ideas and cooperate with INTERPOL and countries around the world in matters relating to the prevention of transnational crime," he said.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Huang mentioned that Taiwan could not participate in the meeting held by the Office of the Narcotics and Crime Division with the UN Interpol due to political factors, especially not being able to obtain information on the "I-24/7 Global Police Communication System" as well as Travel Document database (SLTD) regarding theft and loss ".

"Taiwan is also difficult to participate in education and training activities, which will become a major gap in the joint anti-drug defense, security and global anti-terrorism defense network," Huang said.

Commissioner Huang said that under difficult conditions like this, the Taiwanese police still tried to put all their energy into fighting transnational crimes, as well as being able to successfully solve many cases of international crime.

However, even though Taiwan is actively seeking out the latest crime information through bilateral channels, there are still many countries that do not want to cooperate because of political considerations. For example, in 2017, the Taiwan police unit sent 130 requests to share information and assistance to related countries, apparently only receiving 46 responses.

Therefore, only by participating in INTERPOL, Taiwan can overcome political obstacles, obtain timely and complete criminal information, maintain national security and social security appropriately, and work with global police agents to combat transnational crime.

Representative John Chen and Commissioner Huang both called for the safeguarding of global security and social justice needs to be above geographic, racial, and political barriers.

"Come support Taiwan as an observer to attend the annual INTERPOL Conference, and allow Taiwan to participate in the UN Narcotics and Crime Division Office and Interpol, to attend various conferences and training activities. And at various international events also can voice support for Taiwan to participate in organizations international, "concluded John Chen.