Tuesday, 31 March 2020 | 20:02 WIB

K-POP Star Sulli Reportedly Dead

K-POP Star Sulli Reportedly Dead (wikimedia)

SEOUL, NETRALNEWS.COM - Shocking news came from K-Pop idols and actress, Sulli. The former member of F(x) is said to have died.

Reported by Koreaboo, police have received reports that Sulli has been found dead. The time of death has been reported around 4 pm local time in South Korea.

According to the Seongnam Police Station, a colleague of Sulli found her in her apartment around 16:30 local time, and reported the incident to the police. Police are currently checking whether Sulli left a suicide note, and will also investigate the details of the incident. Currently, a source from SM Entertainment has not responded to reports related to the news that Sulli died. However, an entertainment official commented on the report.

"I have heard rumors and reports, and I hope that is not true. This is also a frustrating situation for us, because we cannot contact her," Entertainment Official said, as reported by Matamata.com, Monday (10/14/2019) .