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21 Killed in Earthquake of 6.8-Magnitude in East Turkey

21 Killed in Earthquake of 6.8-Magnitude in East Turkey (kritis24)

ANKARA, NETRALNEWS.COM - An earthquake with magnitude of 6.8 shook eastern Turkey late Friday, killing at least 21 people and destroying buildings in cities near the epicenter. The quake was felt quite strongly in neighboring countries.

The quake shook Elazig province, about 550 kilometers east of the capital Ankara, and was followed by more than 270 aftershocks, 12 of which had a magnitude of more than 4.

As many as 17 people were killed in Elazig and four more in the neighboring province of Malatya, said the Turkish Emergency and Disaster Authority. Moreover, 1,030 other people were injured and treated in hospitals in the region. Rescue efforts are ongoing in three different places in Elazig.

Camera footage on Saturday morning showed emergency workers rescuing three people in Elazig after they were buried for 12 hours under the collapse. Another woman in Elazig was rescued after 13 hours, while rescuers heard voices from survivors. More than 30 people are still trapped under the ruins of buildings, the Government said.

The state broadcasting station TRT shows footage of dozens of workers in the dawn light using shovels to dig a partially collapsed building in Elazig. The windows are a mess and the balconies of at least four floors are leveled to the ground.

The team worked through the night with hands, drills and mechanical digging tools to move bricks and cement from the ruins in the province where the temperature dropped to below 8 degrees Celsius at night.

"Our houses have collapsed ... we cannot go inside," said a 32-year-old woman from the city of Sivrice, which was the closest to the epicenter, in a Reuters report quoted by Antara, Saturday (01/25/2020).

"In our village several people died. I hope God helps us," said a man who mentioned only his first name, Sinasi." Our pets are dead. Our family gathered around the fire camp to spend the night covered in blankets," Sinasi said that they were trying to warm themselves with a makeshift fire.