Sunday, 17 January 2021 | 15:53 WIB

Indonesian Students in Wuhan Request Evacuation

Indonesian Students in Wuhan Request Evacuation (antara)

WUHAN, NETRALNEWS.COM - Dozens of Indonesian students from Aceh who are now isolated in Wuhan, China, due to the outbreak of the corona virus, are asking to be evacuated and returned to Indonesia.

Teuku Agusti Ramadhan, head of the Cakradonya, the Aceh student association in Wuhan, said there are 12 students from Aceh who are now isolated in Wuhan.

"We feel insecure again, as the status level of the virus is at level two. We all want to be evacuated and return to Indonesia," Ramadhan said.

The student from Balohan, Sabang, said that currently 12 Acehnese students remained in their respective apartment rooms. They did not dare to leave their rooms.

"We are still waiting for news from the Indonesian Embassy, ​​whether there is a decision on whether an evacuation is possible. My friends and I continue to monitor through the social media groups of Indonesian students in Wuhan," he said.

Regarding food and beverage supplies, Ramadhan said that it depends on where the student lives. However, many food and beverage shops in Wuhan are closed.

"The campus of Zhongan University is facilitated by the opening of a canteen for students who live in dormitories. I am the only Acehnese student in Zhongnan," Teuku Agusti Ramadhan said.

Regarding the general condition of Wuhan City, Teuku Agusti Ramadhan said the situation of the city was in isolation. All transportation, including airplanes, ships, trains and buses, was stopped.

"Now, almost all shops are closed. Food supplies in stores are exhausted. People who are usually crowded, now are rarely seen outside. Residents are more active indoors," said Ramadan, as reported by Antara.