Thursday, 09 April 2020 | 05:01 WIB

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Implements Lockdown in UK for Three Weeks

Prime Minister Boris Johnson Implements Lockdown in UK for Three Weeks (antara)

LONDON, NETRALNEWS.COM - Prime Minister Boris Johnson has finally imposed a lockdown in the United Kingdom (UK) for at least three weeks to curb the spreading of the coronavirus on Monday (03/23/2020).

Based on that provision, the public are required to stay at home.

All shops, except those that sell essential items, must be closed immediately, and people may no longer meet family or friends who do not live in the same place. Non-compliance can be fined, Johnson said in a speech broadcast on television.

Johnson previously continued to resist pressure to impose regional quarantine in full, even when other European countries had already done so.

He was eventually forced to change tactics because the possibility of the British health system could be overwhelmed by the plague.

The number of deaths from the corona virus in Britain jumped by 54 to reach 335 on Monday.

On the same day, the government said the military would help send millions of personal protective equipment, including masks, to health workers who complained of shortages.

"Starting tonight, I have to give simple orders to the British people - you have to stay home," Johnson said.

People will only be allowed to leave the house to shop for basic necessities, exercise, require medical services, provide care or travel to and from work when really needed.

Johnson warned that if residents did not follow the rules, the police would intervene, including by imposing fines and dissolving meetings.

The new order will be reviewed in three weeks and, if possible, will be relaxed.