Tuesday, 29 September 2020 | 19:42 WIB

Australia Expands Isolation Measures as Coronavirus Cases Increase

Australia Expands Isolation Measures as Coronavirus Cases Increase (netralnews)

SYDNEY, NETRALNEWS.COM - The most populous state in Australia, New South Wales (NSW), on Tuesday reported the highest increase in the number of corona virus cases, bringing the total number across the country to 1,886.

Meanwhile, officials warn of imposing harsher penalties on people who do not obey the order of self-isolation as the country increasingly leads to full lockdown (territorial quarantine), as reported by Reuters.

NSW recorded 149 new cases of COVID-19 appearing overnight, bringing the total number in the state to 818, and throughout Australia 1,886 cases.

Australia has shown a lower number of cases of the coronavirus than other countries. However, the rate of transmission in recent days has risen rapidly.

NSW Prime Minister Gladys Berejiklian said the outbreak was at a "critical level," and the authorities would strictly implement the requirement for citizens to isolate themselves.

Even though schools are still officially open, parents are advised to keep their children at home.

Meanwhile, all non-essential services, such as theaters, pubs, and places of worship are completely closed on the first day.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is scheduled to hold a cabinet meeting on Tuesday to discuss the next steps. The cabinet was formed to deal with the crisis of the corona virus outbreak and consisted of federal and state political officials and health agencies.

Australia has not yet ordered residents to stay at home unless there is an urgent need, as reported by Antara.