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India: Doctors Find Parasitic Twin Inside Baby’s Stomach

India: Doctors Find Parasitic Twin Inside Baby’s Stomach (piqsels)

JAKARTA, NETRALNEWS.COM - The occurrence of a parasitic twin pregnancy (fetus in fetu) is a rare event, especially if the parasitic twin is contained inside the baby. However, it happened in Thane city near Mumbai, India.

Medical officers have discovered a perfect half-complete fetus, complete with the brain, arms and legs, inside the baby's stomach. The 3-inch fetus was successfully removed through surgery. The fetus in fetu event is one of the 200 recorded births in the world.

The 19-year-old mother and her child are reported to be in good health.

Gynecologist Dr. Neena Nichlani, as quoted from the Express, said it was a case of a monozygous pregnancy that shares a placenta, where a fetus wraps itself and envelopes the other and robs its nutrients.

"It could be embedded in the skull, abdomen or tail bone of the 'host.’ The parasitic baby lies behind the stomach and gets the host’s nutrient," Neena said.

Currently, the parasitic twins are being examined further and there has been no report related to the examination. Baby parasitic male with a length of about 3 inches and weighs five ounces and has an abnormal development.

Radiologist Dr. Bhavna Thorat saw the development of parasitic twins after routine ultrasound examinations performed by the mother at Bilal hospital, Mumbra.

When the baby was born nine days later, Thorat observed the baby and found "another little baby" inside the newborn's belly.

"It's in the fetal sac of the newborn I can see the upper and lower limbs of the fetus The unique thing about it is that I can see a small head with a brain inside it, but the twin parasite has no skull bones," Thorad said.

The operation was carried out at Titian Hospital in Thane and was a success. Dr Nichlani who performed the operation said the baby who had surgery was going healthy, and his mother started nursing the baby.