Sunday, 09 May 2021 | 14:22 WIB

Scientists Create Microchip to Help Cure Blindness

Scientists Create Microchip to Help Cure Blindness (wikimedia)

HOUSTON, NETRALNEWS.COM - Scientists at Rice University, Texas, United States (US), have found a way to cure blindness by creating a special chip implanted on a patient’s brain.

This implant chip is called FlatScope, resembling a small microscope attached to the patient's brain.

Once embedded into the brain, the chip monitors and triggers nerves to be modified into substances that have absorbed light and other electromagnetic radiation.

This will create a fluorescence substance that directly helps the healing of blindness and slowly displays color combinations in vague visuals.

Rice University scientist Phillip Alvelda said the chip could also produce sensors capable of sending audiovisual data to the brain to "repair" damaged sensory nerves, such as sight and hearing.

Unfortunately, the ability of this implant chip is still in the development stage that can not be sure when it will finish.

"At least this time we've found the mechanism," Alvelda said.

"By increasing the patient's nerve capacity, the chip will create two-way communication between the brain and the eye to help heal blindness faster."

Alvelda claims there will be no health risk that affects the patient if the chip fails to function.