Monday, 25 May 2020 | 11:53 WIB

Doctors Remove 32-Kilogram Tumor from Woman’s Uterus

Doctors Remove 32-Kilogram Tumor from Woman's Uterus (pixabay)

GUATEMALA CITY, NETRALNEWS.COM - Tumors are known to be life threatening, and for people living with tumors in their vital parts of the body, it is certainly very painful. Not only because the disease is physically abusive, but also the tumors sometimes make people become discriminated against their appearance.

It is also experienced by this woman from Guatemala. As quoted from the Deccan Chronicle, at first glance the woman looked pregnant because her tummy looked like the tummy of a pregnant woman. However, there is something much more serious, as the woman had suffered a tumor in her uterus for seven years. The tumor weighed 32 Kg.

The largest uterine tumor in the world had caused the woman to feel as if she was carrying twins. When she arrived at the hospital, her abdominal circumference reached 137 cm. The woman suffered from leiomyoma, a benign tumor that may become cancerous.

The previous record for the largest fibroids was a 30-kg tumor removed from a woman at a hospital in Raisur Karnataka. For seven years, the woman refused surgical treatment for personal and cultural reasons. The condition of the woman is currently stable and the possibility of another tumor growing will decrease when she enters post-menopause.